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"Hout Werk Plaats" Reinaerde - De Heygraeff in Woudenberg. 

At the terrain of the care organisation Reinaerde we run an integrative “Hout Werk Plaats” – a mix of a store and a workshop space.

Produces can be bought or made in an open workshop together with clients from Reinaerde and a workshop leader.

This workshop/store is at the one hand part of the Reinaerde daycare program and at the other hand open for friends, relatives and the general public as a place to meet and learn by making.

The wooden material is re-formated wood which was before useless wooden elements. It got transformed by clients of Reinaerde in their woodworkshop (Re-Make Utrecht).

“It is very special that there was something that was so accessible that everyone could participate in. People are also taken seriously this way. And that is very special [...] You have the chance to participate in something.”
Emile; caretaker at Reinaerde

Program 2022

— Open workshop “Hout Werk Plaats” De Heygraeff Woudenberg

Every Friday afternoon
(depends on covid-regulations)

Previous events

February 2020
- Family Event

March 2020
- Mobile Workshop / School

Contact DetailsAddress:
"Hout Werk Plaats"
De Heygraeff 3 (Re-creatie gebouw)
3931 MK Woudenberg

www.facebook.com/Hout.Werk.Plaats.Wdnbeg www.facebook.com/from.zero.org

www.instagram.com/hout.werk.plaats www.instagram.com/from.zero.___

Opening hours: (after Corona restictions)*
Open to the public thursday 10am — 5pm

*Due to covid regulations the opening hours of the Hout Werk Plaats are not fixed yet.  

For group events or for workshop attendance please send an email: hello@robin-weidner.com

Lead by: Robin Weidner