From.zero invites to change perspectives and create new entrance points of action at the interplay of a store and workshop

Create a deeper meaning by connecting the purpose of making and using. And to give people with special needs a chance in a save environment to make items what they need themselves.

To reach personal fulfillment and joy, by adding educational values to understand humans and material is a core value of the from.zero approach.

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Designed guidance-tools for drilling and sawing and a connected produces system create an integrative woodwork experience for children, elderly and handicapped people with their relatives or in a guided workshop class.

The from.zero guidance tools for sawing or drilling help to cover different levels of capabilities and allows the participant to grow in their skills. The level of guidance can be increased or decreased thanks to the modular set up of the guidance tools.

“It is very special that there was something that was so accessible that everyone could participate in. People are also taken seriously this way. And that is very special [...]” Emile; caretaker at Reinaerde

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The from.zero tools are adaptable for people..
.. of a young age;
.. in a high age;
.. with disabilities;
in workshops with mixed abilities and ages.


Results from working with the from.zero tools that can be produced, used and sold. Produces/toys are not seen als finished products, rather as an invitation to engage in the making process.

Our produces are cut to length and holes are already drilled. Sanding, coloring and assembling is still required to do by the costumer. Therefore product packages contain prepaired wooden elements, wingnuts, sticks, sanding paper and a manual. 

The connection with the wingnuts encourages to change and extend the elements, this way you can create more.

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